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il y a 2 ans
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Impec ... ET Fin ! (Translated by Google) Impec ... AND End!

il y a 2 ans
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il y a 2 ans
sandrine C. noted on Google

Endroit agréable, serveurs sympathiques, nourriture très bonne. Je recommande (Translated by Google) Nice place, friendly waiters, very good food. I recommend

il y a 2 ans
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(Translated by Google) I was selling noodles that I could eat, and the dumplings fit well in my mouth, so I ordered extra for my child I had a lot of orders for delivery of sushi and it was good to give it as a rice cooker regardless of order menu. (Original) 먹을만한 우동을 팔고 있어 좋았고 만두가 입에 잘맞아서 아이를 위해 추가 주문했었다 초밥은 무난한정도 주택가라 배달주문이 많았고 주문메뉴와 상관없이 밥한공기 같이 주는것도 좋았다 동네밥집인듯

il y a 2 ans
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Kathryn B. noted on Google

Everything about this place was amazing. We found it by a Google search and were a little apprehensive when we looked at the building from outside, but the food was delicious, the presentation was great, and the staff was perfectly attentive. I dropped a chopstick on the floor and within seconds someone was bringing me a new set. There was a language barrier because we only speak English, but it was not as problematic as it was in some other places. All around I would recommend this to anyone interested in Japanese food!

il y a 2 ans