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林佑親 noted

(Translated by Google) We will dine in the store at 12 noon on 18.11.2023, and you can get a 20% discount by making a reservation using the Fork app! The meal was very delicious! There are many choices, and the store staff can speak Chinese. It's just a pity that I don't know why there was only one group of us as customers at noon that day, and there was no other customer until 13:30. There were also some takeaways. I think this store is very high-quality 👍🏻 1. The utensils used for Sake are also very Japanese style. 2.N7-Yakisaba crevettes 👍🏻 The yakisaba is very authentic, very similar to what I had in Tokyo! The noodles are so elastic! The taste of soy sauce is also very classic, 🍤 very elastic, big and fresh 👍🏻 3. I ordered the Menu mixtes-MX7-Cheese Beef Kebabs🧀, which was very generous, rich and chewy. The soy sauce chicken flavor uses salty and sweet Japanese soy sauce, which is very delicious! I think it’s well worth the price, €15.5 is enough to eat👍🏻👍🏻 I think they deserve more attention and more positive reviews, and although I didn't get many good photos, I hope my review can help the store. (Original) 我們在18.11.2023中午12點進店用餐,用Fork app 預約可以有8折折扣喔! 餐點非常好吃!選擇也很多,店員會講中文喔 只是很可惜不知道為何當天中午只有我們一組客人直到13:30才有另一位,另外還有一些外送,我認為這家店很有水準👍🏻 1.Sake用的器皿也很有日式風格 2.N7-Yakisaba crevettes 👍🏻 yakisaba非常道地,跟我在東京吃過的非常像!麵條很有彈性!醬油的味道也很經典,🍤非常有彈性而且很大隻很新鮮👍🏻 3.我點的是Menu mixtes-MX7-起司牛肉烤串裡的🧀給的很大方,很濃郁會牽絲。 醬油雞肉口味是採用鹹鹹甜甜的日式醬油,非常好吃!我覺得非常值得這個價位,€15.5可以吃得很飽👍🏻👍🏻 我認為他們值得更多的關注及更多的正面評價,雖然我沒拍到太多不錯的照片,但希望我的這篇評論能幫助到店家。

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